Improve Recovery with Compression Garments

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When participating in a training or exercise program, one of the most important factors is the ability to be able to recover and continue with the exercise or training program on a repetitive basis. Eating the appropriate nutrition, performing activities such as stretching or massage, addressing physical therapy needs, using compression garments, and using the correct parameters of the exercise or training program volume and intensity are ways that can help improve performance and recovery from a bout of exercise or a training.

Wearing compression garments have become increasingly popular in the fitness and performance world. This is because, wearing compression garments are linked to improvements in recovery and decreases in delayed onset muscle soreness post exercise. Wearing compression garments also appear to the lower perceived levels of leg soreness and improve perceived muscle function when worn during performance and for recovery.

The benefits of compression stockings have been studied in a variety of exercise and training parameters. These can include different types of activity such as running, cycling, or resistance training and involve varying intensity levels. Unfortunately, only a few studies have shown any performance benefits with the use of compression clothing, but the overall evidence supports the use of compression garments during and after a training or exercise bout for recovery.

Compression garments have been shown to have benefits that are similar to that of other modalities such as contrast bathing or other passive recovery techniques such as massage. There is also evidence that shows the use of compression garments in conjunction with other recovery techniques demonstrates a positive effect on an individual’s recovery from an exercise or training bout.

The exact reason why compression garments provide the benefit in recovery are still being determined, but the potential ways the compression garments may help recovery include improved venous return, clearing of blood lactate, improved reports of delayed onset muscle soreness, attenuation of creatine kinase levels, and improved tissue oxygenation.  There is also many reports of perceived improved recovery, which can be just as important as other markers of recovery when allowing an individual to perform repetitive bouts of training or exercise.

If you are looking for ways to help yourself recover during your training program or are looking for additional ways to help with the recovery from injury compression garments may work for you.

Men’s Compression Sleeve

Men’s Compression Sock

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Women’s Compression Sock

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