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We Create Customized Powerlifting and Strength Training Programs

Squat, bench press, and deadlift. To most people, that may not mean that much, but if you know, you know. We live the life so we know. Precision Performance Training’s goal is to build the strongest powerlifting competitors out there. Our programs are focused on turning each of our powerlifting athletes into the strongest and best version of themselves by providing customized powerlifting templates that address their individual ability, characteristics, experience, and capability to help them hit their PRs on the platform.


Details of Coaching

Precision Performance Training programs are personalized powerlifting or strength templates that are individually created to help you maximize your strength and power potential. Week to week. Block to block. Cycle to cycle. Continuous program individualization to help our athletes perform at high levels. Each of our athletes are provided opportunities for weekly communication and technique analysis. Athletes that compete are also provided with competition advising to help set them up for the best competition possible.


Weekly Communication

Be more confident you are doing things the right way! Don’t guess. Our training program includes optional weekly video submission, assessment, and feedback.

Competition Advising

Setting up a plan to execute the best performance you can in competition can be challenging and intimidating. We have experienced it. Take the guess work and the hesitation out of preparing for competition. We will advise you and help you set yourself up for success when you compete.

Injury and Pain Consultation

Our goal is to keep our athletes healthy. Most people think that strong powerful people and high-level athletes are healthy, but the truth is, most athletes are managing some type of pain or injury a lot of the time. Our programs include optional monthly pain and injury consultations with program adjustments to keep you in the gym and still hitting the weights.

We know what it takes. Programming performed by coaches who have lived and experienced what we coach.

  • 16+ years of sports performance and training experience
  • 11+ years of physical therapy experience
  • 5 Idaho State Records
  • 1x USAPL Military National Champion
  • Personal Best of Powerlifting Set of 710 kg at 83 kg
  • Coached multiple state record-holding powerlifters


Nick Esposito

Nick Esposito is a USAF veteran who has been powerlifting for 12+ years. He competes at a high level which includes winning the USAPL National Championship in both 2018 and 2019. Along with competing in powerlifting, Nick has coached Powerlifting and Strongman for 7+ years during which time he has coached and helped produce multiple state and national record holders.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 16+ years and a Physical Therapist for 11+ years. His sports experience includes time playing collegiate football, post high school track and field, and he is currently Powerlifting focusing on the bench press. Along with creating strength, speed, and rehabilitation programs, Chris also specializes in breaking athletes down to address pain and dysfunctions to help them reach next-level goals.

Do I have to compete in powerlifting to have a training program created for me?
Nope. We create the programs for powerlifters, but we also have the experience and ability to create individualized programs for anyone who wants to just get strong. Maybe you don’t want to compete (a lot of people don’t), but you want to still be the strongest version of you. You are in the right spot. A Precision Performance Training program will help you be the strongest you have ever been.
Are Precision Performance Training programs for beginning or advanced lifters?
Precision Performance Training programs can be created for any level. Are you an experienced lifter and want to try and take your strength and power to the next level? This is for you. Are you brand new to the game and want to start yourself on the right track to your strength and power performance goals? This is for you.
Can you program for me for a specific date or competition date?
Yes, we can. Because each program is individually created, it can be set for any length of time to have you hit your peak at the time that you are looking to do your best.
How do I get started?
Just call or text Nick at (724)216-7336 or hit the contact and let us know that you are ready to start reaching the next level of your strength and power performance goals.


Online Training Program

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