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Sports Performance and Personal Training

Mental and emotional resilience and adaptability include an unshakeable self-belief, resilience, self-motivation, focus, the ability to manage physical and emotional pain, control emotions, and the ability to manage negative adversity.

Being mentally and emotionally fragile can ruin the work put into a training program. Improvement in self, health, or performance is much more than just working hard. It needs focus, planning, dedication, and a mental and emotional commitment to stay consistent through the process despite any and all challenges.  Mental and emotional resilience and adaptability is a skill, it is not something people are born with. Mental and emotions resilience and adaptability aren’t something that you pull out of your back pocket when you are in challenging situations, you have to hit a lift, or when the game is on the line and you have to show up.

How do we help our athletes and clients improve focus and effort to make their gains? We use the Precision Performance Training Manual, our workbook to help set goals, plan for success, and commit to the process of improvement.