Precision Performance and Therapy

We provide the highest level of physical therapy, with hands-on, one-on-one appointments tailored to your needs.


Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment

Discover your golfing potential through a comprehensive evaluation of the way your body moves in relation to the golf swing.


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Explore topics related to exercise, health, and advances in physical therapy techniques.

Physical Therapy

At the Precision Performance and Therapy, we are proficient at evaluating and treating a wide variety of injuries through out the body.  Whether you are trying to stay active in sport, rehabilitating from a surgery, or wanting to get control of  chronic pain that affects your life, physical therapy can often provide the relief you need.

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment

Today’s golfers are stronger, more flexible, and are better overall athletes.  This allows them to hit longer, be more consistent, and play for longer in their lifetime. A Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment at Precision Performance and Therapy addresses your physical capabilities and how they relate to a golf swing that fits you.  Your body. Your swing.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) at Precision Performance and Therapy analyzes quality of movement from head to toe identifying points of potential weakness, mobility deficits, and instability.  A summary of the findings is provided detailing how the deficiencies affect movement and what you can do to address them.  The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is the perfect compliment to any training program.

Personal Training Fitness Training Program Design

A Precision Personal Training Program  at Precision Performance and Therapy is a unique opportunity to be trained by a highly qualified health and fitness professional so there is less worry about injuries, pain, and whether or not someone is taking your limitations into consideration when working on a fitness and performance program. A Precision Training Program addresses limitations that hold you back from achieving your performance goals and allows you to work on your own schedule while still having the guidance and support from a highly qualified health and human performance professional.