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Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and Muscle Growth

If I were to give my opinion (once again, I repeat my opinion)… my answer would be, I would shy away from NSAID use when participating in a muscle growth program, but if taking NSAIDs was warranted for other reasons, I would not be concerned about short-term use. My reason for shying away from NSAID use is because of the potential negative GI and CV effects that can happen when using NSAIDs over time. I also am biased toward the muscle growth side. I want to allow the body to do its best at rebuilding stronger which is more negatively affected from the available information. Also as somebody who is working with a lot of people in a rehabilitative sense where the tissue may already be compromised and damaged, anything that would compromise the ability of tissue to regenerate or grow would be something that I would prefer to avoid.

Now, even though I would lean toward not using NSAIDs when focusing on muscle growth unless anti-inflammatory use was warranted, if I were to use NSAIDs, here would be my guidelines for use.

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Setting Up The Conventional Deadlift: Bar Position

You can go to the gym and watch people deadlift and see so many different ways that people set themselves up. For beginners and experienced lifters alike it can make things confusing to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to getting yourself set up to...

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Being Active Along With Your Kids

Being active along with your kids.  It is often inconvenient for your own workouts and the workouts are not very productive for getting you to be in achieving your goals, but that can overshadowed by the habits that you can create when you are able include your...

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Easy Stretch to Improve Hip Internal Rotation

Easy Stretch To Improve Hip Internal Rotation Poor hip internal rotation can be a cause of pain in the knees, hips, and lower back. It will also affect out ability to perform activities such as squatting and for anyone who participates in rotational sports, it will...

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Hit the Overhead Lift with Shoulder Mobility Exercises

Shoulder mobility is a big problem with a lot of people when trying to perform overhead lifts. Hit the overhead lift with shoulder mobility exercises. Shoulder internal rotation tightness and lat tightness affect posture when performing lifts, especially olympic lifts...

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Body Weight Squats

Body Weight Squats are a great exercise for people of all skill levels. Body Weight squats provide benefits with strength, posture, and flexibility.  They can be used a part of a work out or part of a warm up.   Functional Physical Therapy Center provides...

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Young Athletes are Not Miniature Adults

It may seem like it would make sense to do the same exercises and push young athletes the same way that you were pushed or the same way that you saw a coach of another higher level team work their older players. Unfortunately, more often than not, this can be more...

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