Personal Training

Lift Your Limits…Together

Our goal is to help you move forward through consistent choices that build fulfillment in the process. Our training programs include 1-2 in-person sessions per week including recovery days, training days, or movement reinforcement days.

Our programs target:

Weight Loss
Progress lives at the intersection of choice and precision and we’re here to help you make the right choices to achieve your weight loss goals.

Muscle Gain
With tailored performance programs you can enjoy the progress and the process.

Overall Health
We want to help you refine your daily decisions so you can experience thriving in progress.

Strength Training

A 14-week program designed with precision to help you lift heavier weights. The program includes a heavy, light, and accessory day to help you reach your max.

  • Bench Program
  • Squat Program
  • Deadlift Program

Endurance Training

A 10-week program to help you build endurance and work through plateaus. The program includes one main focus lift day per week, designed to push your limits and work you to the point of failure.

  • Bench Program
  • Squat Program
  • Deadlift Program


If you’re ready to build momentum, one decision at a time, schedule a consultation today!