Easy Stretch To Improve Hip Internal Rotation Poor hip internal rotation can be a cause of pain in the knees, hips, and lower back. It will also affect out ability to perform activities such as squatting and for anyone who participates in rotational sports, it will affect their ability to perform at a higher level and increase their potential for injury. Today we are going to go over a great easy stretch to improve hip internal rotation tightness. Hip internal rotation tightness affects things like squatting, rotational aspects of uh of uh activities such as twisting this way or bringing the leg in this way. This would involve any sport that has a bunch of pivoting or sports that are rotational like tennis golf or other hitting activities. All you need for this internal rotation stretch is one of these resistance loops. You are going to throw it around your knees and put your feet just outside of hip width apart and you let the band pull your knees together. You’re gonna hold that strength for about 45 seconds to a minute letting the band to all the work gradually getting the stretch into internal rotation of the hips. To perform this stretch, place a band around the legs just above the knees, put the feet just outside of hip width apart. Relax the hips. And let the band pull the knees together. The nice thing about this stretch is that you can let the band do all the work and you can vary the angle of the hips just a little bit by extending your feet about away from your body or bringing them closer, that way you can get a stretch in internal rotation at a few different angles of the hips. Do this stretch 45 seconds to a minute. Repeat that 1 to 3 times. Use this as part of your warm up or before you do activity that way it should help you free some of that internal rotation tightness and be able to perform better with the activities that you want to do.

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