Being active along with your kids.  It is often inconvenient for your own workouts and the workouts are not very productive for getting you to be in achieving your goals, but that can overshadowed by the habits that you can create when you are able include your children in a valuable activity. Being active is a lifestyle choice and it is something that can be cultivated from a early time in life.

I have seen the choices of the parents spread quickly to the children including many instances in my own home. If I have my face in my phone or Ipad, then shortly afterward I will find myself feeling like every time I walk into a room I find my kids watching television or playing on electronic devices.  I often find myself getting after them to go play and do something else all while I walk back out of the room while browsing over my own phone.

“I am an adult…” “I have things I have to get done for work…” “I have to schedule the week for my family…” “I just need a break…”

There can have a lot of reasons why we should be allowed to use my electronic devices, but we have to be careful what we are teaching our kids. We are the #1 educators for our children.  We used to have 3-5 days of PE and fitness in school, but that is becoming less and less. We used to be able to have our kids run outside and play without having to worry as much about what and how they were doing, but that is becoming less and less of an option.  This leaves us as the main initiators and educators for an active lifestyle for our kids. It is a challenging role, but it is important and here is why:

  1. Kids who are active have stronger muscles and bones
  2. Kids who are active tend to be more coordinated
  3. Kids who are active are less likely to become overweight
  4. Kids who are active can have a higher self esteem
  5. Kids who are active are more likely to make better health choices later into life

We were born with some natural ability and an active mind.  Unfortunately this is diminished with age whether by life or by the influence of those around us.  For kids exercise is better labeled as play.  The active and creative ability to move or play at a young age gives way for the pressured, stressed, and anxiety driven world that we and our environment create.  This stress filled and pressured environment also affects our ability to stay active. This also transfers into how we view activity and play.  At some point in life, play turns into exercise, and by exercise, i mean the ugh… I have to exercise…  The challenge is for us to look past the inconveniences and the things that get in the way of us being active and encourage our kids to be active along with ourselves.  Maybe we can again learn to play.