Landmine Workout to Develop Rotation Power and Stability

By February 18, 2016FPTC Blog

Rotational power and stability are required for a lot of sports. Golf, soccer, baseball, softball, and volleyball to name a few. Using a landmine can be a challenging way to improve the ability to load the trunk and hips or resist rotation, which is the basis of improving the rotational power and stability. 3 exercises that can be used in a training program to improve the rotation power and stability are the Rotational Reverse Fly, Landmine Rotation from the Hip, and Landmine Anti-Rotation in Tall 1/2 Kneeling.

Rotational Reverse Fly: To perform this exercise, face away from the landmine anchor with the bar to one side of the legs. Place the feet about hip width apart. Brace the abdominal/trunk. Pick up the bar and with the body in an athletic position with the knees slightly bent and the hips slightly flexed pull the bar to the side initiating the motion with the shoulder blade. Rotate the bar around the stable base and trunk. Let the bar return to the starting position in a controlled manner. Repeat. Focus on keeping the lower body firm, but still.

Landmine Rotation from the Hip: To perform this exercise, face toward the landmine and pick up the bar with both hands to one side of the body. Using the bar side leg, drive into the ground and rotating the bar side hip, cross the bar in front of the body to the other side of the body loading the opposite hip. Repeat from opposite side.

Landmine Anti-Rotation in Tall 1/2 Kneeling: To perform this exercise, begin in the tall 1/2 kneeling position (kneeling on one knee with other other foot forward). Pull the bar across the front of the body keeping the abdominal/trunk braced and the hips as still as possible. Control the bar as it lowers to the opposite hip and repeat back to the originating side.

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