The thoracic spine is an area that is commonly affected by mobility limitations.  This is due to poor posture, poor strength of the muscles of the back, or other conditions such as arthritis.  Mobility limitations of the thoracic spine can lead to dysfunctional movement and pain in other areas such as the neck, shoulders, and lower back.  Improving thoracic mobility and posture will help improve your ability to perform more efficient and supported motions.

Use this thoracic mobility routine to improve the thoracic stiffness. Improving thoracic mobility takes time and consistent effort.  Gradually progress into the motions and allow yourself time to recover from performing the mobility routine.  This mobility routine is designed to improve mobility and not to treat pain.  Some soreness (feelings of discomfort that improve with rest and/or continued light activity) may be noted.  If pain (increased feelings of discomfort that don’t improve over time as the routine is performed) is noted, then check with a medical professional to determine any other potential causes of your pain.