What is it – ASTYM stands for augmented soft tissue mobilization. ASTYM is a soft tissue technique which utilizes specifically designed instruments to safely and effectively address scar tissue and tissue restrictions.

ASTYM taps into the body’s natural ability to heal itself and can help resolve a variety of conditions such as:


Sprains and Strains


Major Trauma to Soft Tissues

Heel Pain

Joint Stiffness

Lack of Mobility

Surgical scarring/Restricted Motion

Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

Many injuries occur because of overuse and repetitive activities.  Constantly repeating the same motions and activities over time has an effect of weakening a tissue or muscle group and the body tries to repair itself by patching itself together with scar tissue or tissue adhesions.  These restrictions over time cause more weakness and mobility losses.

Acute injuries also have an effect of decreased strength and tissue integrity whether from damaged tissue or by scar tissue being placed over an area of injury.  Often times inadequate healing of the tissue occurs and this leads to further degeneration.

Degeneration can also be caused by factors such as age, disease, weakness, intensity of use, and volume of use.

ASTYM is a great treatment to be added to a therapy or performance program. It has a high improvement rate for even the toughest injuries demonstrating a greater than 90% clinical success rate for most injuries.

We also believe ASTYM is a great recovery tool for individuals in sports, training programs, exercise programs, or activities with repetitive activities. This means it would a great adjunct to help the runner, football player, basketball player, golfer, worker, and any other recreational athlete.



To learn more, visit www.astym.com  or watch a short ASTYM treatment video.

Initial ASTYM Appointment

$ 45.00

First Treatment

Follow Up ASTYM Appointments

$ 25.00

Per Treatment

*If you are a physical therapy patient, ASTYM may or may not be performed as part of the physical therapy plan of care.  Ask your therapist if ASTYM is an appropriate treatment for your condition.