It is no secret that individuals who play golf are athletes.  Many people realize the importance of achieving a level of fitness to help them achieve their best playing ability.  Many of the best golfers in the world use a Titleist Performance Professional to help with their training and fitness management.  Titleist Performance Institute teaches professionals interested in the game of golf how to improve player performance through assessment of body movement and its relation to the golf swing in a concept they that is called the Body-Swing Connection.  The Titleist performance institute provides professionals with the largest library of cutting edge information that can lead to elevated performance in the game of golf.   

The Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment is a 60 minutes assessment which involves a 13 point physical evaluation which will address your physical capabilities and relate them to your golf swing.  You will then be given a personalized strength and flexibility program to address your needs.

Proper Nutrition


Proper Fitting Clubs


Proper Swing Mechanics


Proper Body Mechanics


Customized Exercise and Practice Program


If you suffer an injury or have back pain when you golf, you are not alone. It is surprisingly a lot more common than you think.  If you have pain with golf, there are a couple of wrong ways to take care of the pain.  Trying to ignore the pain, taking pain medications to try and diminish the pain, changing your golf swing to avoid pain, and stopping yourself from playing altogether will very rarely stop the pain from happening and they often make the game of golf less enjoyable.

The best way to improve pain that happens with golf is to have the cause of the pain assessed followed by setting up a plan to treat the cause of the pain. It is important to understand, the source of the pain is not always the cause of the pain.  Your lower back may hurt, but this may be because of poor hip mobility or poor golf swing mechanics.  A TPI golf assessment can help you determine the cause of the pain and get you back to enjoying the game you once did.

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Benefits of a TPI Golf Assessment can include:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved strength
  • Improved balance
  • Improved power
  • Improved golf performance

Chris Hansen, DPT, CSCS, TPI-M3, SFMA, FDN works in in both the human performance and rehabilitative aspects of fitness which allows him to help individuals achieve a higher level of performance and medically assess an individual to get them back in the game.

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