At Functional Physical Therapy Center Our Goal Is To Help You Perform Better On The Course. Our Goal Is To Help You Play Stronger Golf!

You have properly fit clubs, you invested some time on the range, but have you done anything to improve the one thing that really affects your game -- YOUR BODY.

"My body is truely feeling the best it ever has in recent and remote memory. I can tell a big difference with my swing and I am moving better. Shot a 1 under 70 at Redhawk last week and struck the ball as well as I ever have, particularly with irons which is my main weakness. And yesterday shot 2 under 70 at Ridgecrest. So fun!"  - G.P.

A majority of people will settle for average...

The average amateur golfer's score is 100. It is estimated that only 20% of golfers will break a score of 100. Data shows that in 1960 the average score was 100. Over 50 years later, data still shows the average amateur golfer's score is still 100. This means that despite all the advances in equipment, they really just help with the ease of the game.  I

The golfer holding the golf club is still a big limiting factor in the golf swing. 

Research shows that golf specific training programs have many benefits:

  • Reduction in risk of injury
  • Increased strength and flexibility which allows for more optimal swing mechanics
  • Improved shot dispersion
  • Lower scores
  • Improved consistency over a round or multiple rounds of golf due to improved muscular strength and endurance
  • Increased club head speed and increased ball speed
  • Longer driving distance

One of the most common things that golfers want is to hit the ball farther

Research shows that improved flexibility, balance, strength, and rotational velocity improve club head speed and ball speed leading to an increase in hitting distance. ​Research also shows that golfers with higher club head speeds shoot lower scores. Stronger golf is better golf.  

This Means That You Can Improve Your Distance And Improve Your Scores With One Program At Functional Physical Therapy Center


​Dear Golfers,

​Golfers are hitting the ball farther than they ever have, but the golf swing has not made many significant changes over the last number of years. Even with the changes of the golf swing over time, there are still a number of different philosophies among higher level golf teaching professionals and golfers. To my knowledge, no single philosophy has created any significant change in hitting distance or accuracy. One thing that has changed over time is the golfer.  Modern golfers are more athletic and there has been a big shift with a push for higher levels of training to improve fitness. 

There are a couple common thoughts that I see with golfers and fitness programs.  One of the common thoughts is that professionals are the ones who need fitness programs and amateur or recreational golfers don't need to work on their fitness to play at their skill level. This is a myth. Amateur and recreational golfers haven't developed their ​bodies like those of professionals, but they try and mimic the professionals golf swings. This leads to more potential for injury and poor performance. You can't try and swing like the pros if you don't  have the physical ability to do so. Most professional coaches will agree that it is the amateur and recreational golfers that need fitness programs the most. 

The next common thought is that when golfers feel they have achieved a good level of golf play, they get conservative and they stop themselves from playing stronger golf. This means that when they achieve a level of golf they feel is "good enough", they stop trying to get better and they just try to hold on to playing the way they are. When someone is playing at a poor level, they work to get better by trying out almost every tip they can to improve.  When they achieve some level of success, they settle and almost resist change even when it is for the better. This may keep them playing at a good level of golf, but very rarely leads to any further improvement. 

If you aren't getting everything you want, they you owe it to yourself to go out and do something about it. ​A good place to start is by playing stronger golf with a golf training program at Functional Physical Therapy Center. 

Chris Hansen 


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