Eating and living in our world today is becoming more and more difficult.  The quantity of what is available for us is greater, but the quality of what is around us is diminishing.  The healthcare industry is dealing with more and more disease conditions which are growing in complexity.  Despite a focus on wellness and health, the health status of the general population continues to decline.  We continue to improve our medications and the expertise of medical and health professionals, but we still only seem to managing symptoms and diseases instead of preventing and stopping them.

A lot of the cause for these diseases are self-inflicted.  Our modern diet has families drinking more soda, eating more processed foods, and consuming more sugar.  We can consume in one soda, more than the American Heart Association recommended daily sugar limit.  Our diets have become calorie dense, but not nutrient dense.  We eat so well, but are still starving our bodies of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.  This creates hormonal and acidic imbalances in the body that decrease our ability to improving functioning, control our body weight, and fight off disease conditions.

It is easy to spend more money month on healthcare costs than on groceries for your home.  We often pay for medications to help our body try and control symptoms that present with health conditions, but we still neglect providing our bodies with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed to support our bodies activities.

The SevenPoint2 product line is a cost-effective way to develop a foundation for healthy living and weight loss.  SevenPoint2 provides products which are organic, vegan, kosher, sugar-free, and non-GMO.  SevenPoint2 products also contain no gluten, soy, whey, dairy, or artificial sweeteners.  SevenPoint2 products can help you achieve optimal health and financial freedom.