At the Functional Physical Therapy Center we offer a unique exercise program design format.  With the Precision Exercise Program Design a Movement Performance Assessment is performed and then an exercise program is designed that addresses both the movement dysfunctions and the individual’s personal goals.  The exercise program design is not only unique because it more fully addresses each individual’s limitations, but it also addresses potential problems that may occur based on the latest research for an individual’s characteristics.  

Another thing that makes the Precision Exercise Program Design different is that it is developed especially for those who are motived and take responsibility for their health, but may need or want the assistance in making their workouts and training as effective and efficient as it can be.  With the Precision Exercise Program Design at the Functional Physical Therapy Center, the exercise program is designed and updated frequently based on the individual’s progression.  The individual follows up to assess progression and to help understand the movements and exercises that are prescribed, but otherwise the individual works independently. This allows for an individual to have the guidance of a dedicated professional, but lower the costs of traditional personal and performance training.

Benefits of a Functional Physical Therapy Center Precision Exercise Program Design can be:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved strength
  • Improved balance
  • Improved fitness
  • Better sports performance
  • Better daily functional activity performance
  • Decreased likelihood of injury
  • A higher level of confidence

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