Most exercise programs are labeled as “individualized”, but for a training program to be truly individualized, your specific limitations need to be known.  It can be easy to set up a training program for anyone that has a set of exercises that are labeled as “individualized” for a person, but often times if they compare those exercise programs to the next persons program, they can look pretty similar.  There are skilled individuals who do modify exercises to match the abilities of those they work with which does make a training program more effective, but if you don’t have the appropriate assessment, how do you design a completely individualized program.  You are only as strong as your weakness link.  If you are trying to build strength and elevate performance on a dysfunctional base or emphasizing poor movement patterns then you are only putting a ceiling on your ability to perform.

At the Functional Physical Therapy Center we take your training programs to the next level.  The purpose of a training program is to elevate performance, achieve your training goals, and limit your potential for injury.  Limiting the potential for injury is more than just adding exercises to a list.  You have to first know what the dysfunctions are that need to be addressed. A Movement Performance Assessment is a posture evaluation with a 31 point assessment which addresses movement limitations and dysfunctions from the neck to the ankles/feet.  The Movement Performance Assessment addresses points of potential weakness, mobility deficits, and instability.

After the Movement Performance Assessment is performed,

then a written report is provided outlining the findings of the assessment and how they relate to the performance of the activity that you participate in.  We will then sit down and discuss the results of the assessment and a few things that you can do to address some of the potential limitations that were present in during Movement Performance Assessment. You can then take that information and incorporate it into your own training programs, or you can transition into the Precision Exercise Program Design service provided by the Functional Physical Therapy Center.
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