Precision Performance Training Manual


Throughout time we have often thought that our abilities have reached their peak only to have someone or something find a way to lift the limits and push the ceiling further. Then we say, we pushed that farther then we thought we could, there is no way we can go beyond that. And then we do. Limits are illusions. Fears are illusions. Doubts can be an illusion blurring our view of where we have the potential to reach.

Change and growth is often uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable because it makes us change a routine that we have been in for a period of time. It can be uncomfortable because it requires us to look at ourselves and realize that there are things about us that aren’t as good as we want to believe they are and that we can improve them. It can be uncomfortable because it is hard. Improvement and growth is difficult because our bodies and brains naturally want to be comfortable. We are designed to feel good right now.

Change = Trigger + Motivation + Preparation + Ability

A Trigger is something that prompts the action/desire to change

Motivation is the reason and energy to pursue an action

Preparation is the plan to accomplish the change

Ability is the facility to perform an action

If you are working on this manual, something has triggered you to want to improve and you have the motivation to get better. You have the ability to change and the Precision Performance Training Manual is designed to help you change your mentality by helping you set a plan to accomplish the goals you want to achieve to build a belief in yourself. If you can change your thoughts and focus your actions, you can change your belief in what you can achieve and execute at levels that set the standard for performance for yourself and others around you.