Cost of Physical Therapy (Explained As Best We Can…)


Cost for physical therapy varies and navigating the costs of medical care can be confusing. There are a few factors that have to taken into consideration when trying to determine the cost of your physical therapy care.

Factor 1) Deductibles, Co-Pays, and Co-Insurances.

Factor 2) Insurance rates for physical therapy services

Factor 3) Number of visits based on the needs of an individual


Most insurance rates for physical therapy services range from $70-$140 dollars per visit. These rates are similar amongst all physical therapy providers around the area.

If you have not met your deductible for the year, then you would be responsible for the full amount for each visit.

For example: Insurance rate is $100 so you would be responsible for the full $100


If you have met your deductible, but have a Co-Insurance then you would be responsible for the Co-Insurance amount. Co-Insurance percentages range from 10%-50% of the allowed rate.

For Example: Insurance rate is $100

You have met your deductible and have a 20% Co-Insurance

This means you would be responsible for $20 for every therapy visit

Co-Pays are similar than Co-Insurances, but they are different. A Co-Pay is a set amount that you are responsible for, for each visit. Co-Pays typically range from $10-$65.

Each insurance plan has a Max Out Of Pocket. When this is met, then all of the medical treatment, including Physical Therapy, should be covered at 100% by the insurance and you should not have any responsibility for any physical therapy visits.

If you have a secondary insurance, you may also have additional coverage for medical services including physical therapy. A secondary insurance kicks in after the initial visit charges sent to the primary insurance are processed. If you have a secondary insurance, then any additional remaining balance after the primary insurance has processed can be sent to the secondary insurance for additional coverage.

The number of visits depend on what the need is for the individual. If you need more visits to help resolve you concerns then the overall cost will be higher.

There are also some treatments that aren’t covered by insurances, such as dry needling and iontophoresis. These will increase the out of pocket costs for physical therapy treatment.

We will do our best to work with each individual to help manage costs of care. We would love to be able to provide breaks and discounts more often, but being In-Network with your insurance means that we are obligated to charge and accept the determined rate. We can and have a history or working with individuals in special circumstances to make sure they get the care they need and are not left without because of costs.

We understand that there can be a high cost associated with medical care, including physical therapy. We are individuals that pay for our medical care just like everyone else. We will do our best to help keep the costs as low as we can.